Creating websites for the gaming industry

What are the requirements for a gaming site??

As early as in the 70s, arcade games as Computer Space and Pong started getting the attention of consumers, paving way for developers to devise then-simple game interfaces to further engage the market. With the advent of cutting edge video games in the 21st century, and the gaming industry growing as big as a $91 billion industry just in 2016, game developers are taking all measures possible to stay or be on top. A top-shelf measure and fundamental know-how includes creating informational and engaging websites to pursue and entice the gaming market.

Creating websites for the gaming industry is an intersection for PC, console, and mobile gaming. Although these three may use different media for play, websites serve as their common point; allowing their users to know more their game, meet other players, and engage with developers via feedbacks and reports. So, what are the things to consider in creating game websites? Simple, know what will attract your market, and what will make them stay in the game. Keen LTD have been creating websites for the gaming industry for the past 7 years….


The fundamental know-how in creating a website is knowing your market’s demographics. This will help you tailor a specific and user-oriented site. Details as the age group, interests, and even reading level will help you attend to your users in much more detail, and give them the comfort and ease they deserve. Additionally, knowing your market will help you tailor your next marketing plans and strategies.


Apart from the well-researched demographics, and so much online presence and visibility, your website will also need top-shelf visuals and an overall user-friendly interface. Although gamers are keen in navigating through simple sites, potential markets should also be accounted for, allowing foreseeable market shifts.  designs very complex interfaces for the gaming industry, both the front end and the back end.  Moreover, your official site graphics must be coherent with your game; this includes color schemes, and navigating experience.


What differentiates current websites from that of years ago is the emphasis of today’s sites in user engagement. Typical for websites nowadays are live chats with support upon site visits. Also, FAQs allowing for specific messages and queries to be sent and specifically attended to, helping members feel prioritized.

A particularly important part of creating a website for your game is to use forum or blog type avenues to pursue and ensure interaction among members and developers. This will help gamers openly talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the game, and possible competitions, while eventually engaging discussions among other users, and attracting traffic. This will, in effect, help make users feel that they are a part of the community you are trying to create, which will ultimately help them have a great user experience.


What will ultimately engage your users are the contents of your website. You should provide the basic About Us section, FAQs, and blog or forum type extensions. Additionally, your site’s contents must be fresh, interesting, and easy to read. Of course, gamers are your target, and there are some inevitable jargons, but that is not to say you have to make your content hard to read for a starter.

Provide your users with news on the game and in the industry as well. This will further the community vibe you want your users to experience, and will also maximize engagement among users wanting to agree, dispute, or just commend the news.  Having up-to-date articles will also make your website alive, where members and visitors can see that it generates recent contents.


Although the primary goal of your site should be information dissemination and engagement, you must also incorporate avenues for networking in your content. By networking, we mean allowing for your content to be shared, and understood by as many gamers and laymen as possible. This also means creating a good name, and overall brand for your game. A good brand can be easily networked, especially with a strategic and well-researched planning. Noteworking should always be part of your digital marketing strategy.


By availability, we mean having your sites easily available for PCs or mobiles. Most sites have desktop and mobile versions allowing for easy access anytime, anywhere. Since the dawn of increased mobility and utility of smartphones, people have set certain expectations of accessibility for sites, especially those avid mobile gamers. Ideally, for some, your sites should be accessible even with mobile data and or moderate Wi-Fi connectivity.

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